2001-04 Disneyland Railroad Main Street Station 36" Park-Used Metal Population Sign Prop

2001-2004 Disneyland Railroad Main Street Station Park-Used Population Sign Prop. This one-of-a-kind 36” metal sign actually hung in front of the Main Street Station welcoming guests as they enter the park. As each attendance milestone was reached, a new sign would replace the prior. On March 15, 2001, Mark Ramirez and family entered the park and became the 450,000,000 guest. With an impromptu celebration, the family received lifetime park passes and had the honor of replacing the old sign with the new. This sign hung atop the Main Street Station until 2004, when the 500,000,000 guest arrived. A true piece of park history! Sign is in park-used condition, with minor blemishes and scratches due to the outdoor elements. 

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