Disneyland “Juju” Adventure Gets Rave Reviews

So who was lucky enough to partake in the adventure within Adventureland?

Official Juju 

Official Juju 

The limited-time experience which has already come and gone – ending over the Labor Day weekend – was rich in creativity, collectability and outright fun. It also infused a new energy in Adventureland, an area of the park where many of us had thought we already knew every square inch. How’d it work?

First, a definition is in order: Juju's are small, hand-carved artifacts that reflect the ancient traditions and importance of storytelling in Adventureland. Every Juju has a story attached to it, often the story of how it was created. There are check-in points with Cast Members along your adventure to either help you along or to continue to tell a piece of the story for your particular Juju.

At the Indiana Jones Outpost in Adventureland, guests could select a variety of quests to purchase with the promise of a collectible reward in the end. Six of the Juju hunts could be had via a $5.00 ante. There are also three other special Juju's that require you to purchase food items. The Pineapple Juju can be obtained by purchasing the Pineapple Parfait for $7.95 at the Adventureland Fruit Cart, Snake Juju by purchasing Venomade at Bengle BBQ for $7.50, and Tiki Mask Juju by following the Telegram to Trader Sams for the Juju Juice for $7.50.

As only Disney can, adventures begin with immerse passports, newspapers, sealed envelopes, handbooks, etc. – collectibles unto themselves. These informative pieces set guests upon their unique adventure. Succeed and be rewarded with a collectible Juju to commemorate the hunt.

Adventures ranged from simple (5 minutes), to rather complex, requiring trekking beyond the park, taking far longer. Quests led guests to the Enchanted Tiki Room, Jungle Cruise, Indiana Jones Adventure, and even Trader Sam’s at Disneyland Hotel.

On Labor Day weekend, lucky Juju hunters could buy a story packet at the Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost, write their best Juju story on their story tag, and then share the story in a group or in front of everybody at Aladdin’s Oasis and receive a special skull Juju in return. This skull Juju mirrored that given away at last year’s D23 Expo.

The popularity of the Juju charms have exploded on the secondary market, and guests who didn’t partake in the adventures are surely kicking themselves. Those charms which required more extensive and elaborate hunting have become much more scarce and commonly exceed $50 (Eye of Mara) as do those which could be purchased for a heightened “investment” into food or drink (Tiki Mask). The entire set of 10 is difficult to track down, as it would have required all nine hunts, in addition to being in the park on Labor Day weekend for the opportunity to earn the lucrative skull Juju.

Undoubtedly, the success and popularity of the Juju adventures will lead to subsequent pay-to-play hunts within the park. More to come – hopefully sooner, rather than later.