In Case You Missed It- November 8

*We have a title!!! The much anticipate Episode VII title was revealed by Lucasfilm on Thursday and fans where buzzing. The title Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be the first of three In a Galaxy Far Far Away trilogy. Much debate over the name and storyline filled the internet after it was released but only time will only tell if any of this speculation is true. Many stories claim Luke Skywalker has been in seclusion after the events of Return Of The Jedi but we are yet to get any official story details from JJ and company. We’ll see how long it takes for the Lucasfilm/Disney team to hold out. Don’t know if any of us can handle much more secrecy.

*Toy Story 4 announced!! Another stunning announcement on Thursday was courtesy of Bob Iger during the usually dull earnings call. Shortly after Disney studios turned to social media to confirm the news. The movie will be released in 2017 and be Directed by John Lasseter. His writing team consists of the best of the best that team Pixar has to offer. I think we all knew it would happen, just not this soon. But do me a huge favor with this fourth edition, please don't repeatedly rip my heart n this one!! This move really makes me wonder if Lasseter made this deal with the company to keep Cars Land out of Disney World, and solidify a more general PixarLand for the former backlot tour. 

*Big Hero 6!!! The Disney/Marvel mashup is finally here.  As noted in the past the reviews have been stellar and last I saw, it had an incredible 98% on Rotten Tomatoes which is next to impossible.  I highly recommend it for anyone; Lassetter has done a great job translating his Pixar appeal to the animation studios.  Meaning that even adults have a great time!!*


*Marvel aired a very impressive special on their Marvel: 75 years, From Pulp to Pop on ABC. The Special did a great job of focusing on the comics and the trials and tribulations of its creators. From the Marvel origins we saw an amazing mix of personality and thought that went into the evolution of our favorite characters. The mix of social issues and time relevance gave the company a unique approach to the comic world at the time. As others ignored social issues Marvel seemed to embrace them.  This is the second specials Marvel has put together and both have been exceptional.  We were even treated to an extended scene fro, Agent Carter and got to see our first clip from Ant Man!! If you have DVR’d be sure to check it out!!

*Agent Carter will premiere on January 4!! ABC is not holding back and the appeal of Hayley Atwell is hard to resist.  Previews have looked good, and as I said before,  please start off better than SHIELD

*And one final item, It looks as though Marvel is doing sone serious digging to find out who leaked the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer. They recently won a court decision for a subpoena against Google so it could determine the identity of the leaker. The IP address in question will now be turned over to Marvel in court. Interesting to see where this goes. It may make the next person think twice based on the quick court decision.



Disney Archive Addition of the Week: This 18" Jabba the Hutt latex figure was  a limited release during the 2014 Disney Star Wars Weekends. The oddity began in 2013 when an equally creepy latex Salacious Crumb quickly sold out and value escalated on the secondary market.  More>





In Case You Missed It- November 1

*Marvel-ous!! After last weeks Avengers: Age of Ultron teaser premiered, and then an extended trailer premiered on Agents of SHIELD, we thought we had reached out Marvel quota for the year.  But no, Marvel had another atomic bomb it needed to explode. A last minute Hollywood press conference posted on Facebook at the end of last week and it spread like wildfire. Hype only escalated from there. Website predictions overwhelmed us and left us fans reaching for the stars…….Well, as we found out, stars can be touched! Kevin Feige, in all his brilliance, hosted the press conference and ran with some stunning announcements. He announced titles and dates for 8 new marvel titles including Captain America 3:Civil War, Dr. Strange, Gardians of the Galaxy 2, Thor 3: Ragnarock, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, The Inhumans, Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 and Avengers, Infinity War Part 2. Now to go into any detail on any of these announcements would take hours and many websites have already discussed but particularly  exciting fans was the The Black Panther, Captain Marvel and the InHumans news. Chadwick Boseman will pay Black Panther and is reported to have signed on for 5 Marvel films starting with Cap 3!! We will also get out first female staring role with Captain Marvel based of comic Carol Danvers character. Wonder who will be cast in this role? Any Ideas? One film that we feel is being overlooked is Thor 3. With the legendary Ragnorok storyline, the possibilities of altering the Marvel world are significant. We will also see our favorite villain, Loki, back for more. We could all use a little more Hiddleston. Imagine if he gets out of this one alive to team up with some others…..just saying. One thing that I found very interesting about the Press Conference was the answer Kevin Feige gave about Spiderman joining the Marvel Movie Universe. His “I can neither confirm, nor deny” answer made it sound this may be Marvels next big announcement. His past responses have been much more affirmative when asked about this so I think we have reason to be very optimistic. 

*Agents of SHIELD I know we discussed the Avengers 2 trailer but did want to note that the Comic-Con scene that they added to the beginning was very humorous! Seeing the gang trying to pick up Thor’s Mjonir is very entertaining, especially Tony Starks line about being a “harsh but fair leader”. We also have just learned that one of the mystery figures attending the party at Starks pad (as seen in the trailer) was Claudia Kim, the yet to be named character. But, the reason I bring up SHIELD is because it has vastly improved over the last 2 episodes and relay hit it out of the park this week. I feel that this group has finally come together with some new key players to make it a can't miss. The Mockingbird character is a great compliment to May and we are finally seeing some flow. I still have a hard time dealing with Skye and really felt they should have dropped her a long time ago. Unfortunately she is has a vital plot line now so lets hope for some improvement. Maybe the others can SHIELD her performance….HAHA. How are you liking it?

*Agent Carter We also got a glimpse of the series premier of Agent Carter. The choice of expanding Hayley Atwell’s presence in the Marvel universe was a great move. It looks as though they run it almost like a mini-series and check the traction from there. I have a feeling this show will do well given the cast and the World War 2 timeframe. Let’s hope audiences connect quicker that they did with Agents of SHIELD. 

Bye Bye Halloween Tree

Bye Bye Halloween Tree

*At Disneyland, look for the Christmas holidays to replace all the Halloween goodies this week. Another huge Halloween season for the parks. Cant help but remember when this holiday was just an afterthought. They have taken the Halloween to an amazing high that really shows in the crowd numbers.

*Tokyo Disney Sea In another stunning announcement by Disney, the Oriental Land Company will be putting anther 4.6 billion dollars into both their parks for improvement. Both Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea have given Imagineers nearly no budgetary restraints and they have delivered a masterpiece. The interesting fact that Disney made such a a partnership with the Oriental Land company speaks volumes of the confidence it has in the market. Unfortunately the Disneyland Paris partnership wasn't so beneficial. We should all be excited about what the Imagineers may come up with!! The announcement mentions an expanded port region that I’m sure will be amazing. There are also rumors swirling that It’s a Small World in Tokyo Disneyland may be moved and replaced with a Frozen ride….interesting.

-Star Wars: Episode VII Trailer?? Rumors are swirling that we may get a Star Wars Trailer this year prior to Into The Woods. A source in the John Williams camp also has claimed he received the first cut of it and is currently working on the score. Very exciting time for Star Wars fans. With Star Wars Rebels’ impressive following and the high level of expertise around the various projects just sit back and relax.

Part of the MorTown Collection

Part of the MorTown Collection



Disney Archive Addition of the Week: 1959 Walt Disney Studio Maleficent Rough Animation1959 Walt Disney Studio Sleeping Beauty two (2) original production animation drawings. These two (2) matching rough animation drawings of Maleficent and her raven Diablo were created by a Disney animator in development of a scene in Walt Disney’s animated feature. 




Star Wars Rebels- Mind Games

Surprising Revelation Leads to Confrontation


If you were looking for an episode that rivaled some of the Clone Wars best episodes I think you found it tonights with Rise of the Old Masters. The remarkable thing is that it took the Clone Wars a couple of years to produces something like this while Rebels has done it in no less than three episodes. But before we jump straight into the fray with the episode I want to discuss a very exciting addition to the Spark of the Rebellion episode that aired on Sunday night on ABC. For those of you that missed it, audiences were treated to an expanded opening scene that featured Darth Vader himself, in fine form.  This nugget of a scene was voiced by original Darth Vader James Earl Jones and we saw the same life-choking ambition that we grew so fond of in A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. He was powerful, short and distinct, and all he wanted to do was end our heroes. Wonderful!!

Turning our attention back to the episode we find Ezra and Kanan embarking on some early Jedi training that is not going well. The dynamic of teacher and master is slowly being explored and both are struggling with their new found roles.  The bantering between the two highlights this struggle but also illustrates the relationships evolution. Questioning Yoda’s “Do, or do not. There is no try” teachings brings a highpoint to this discussion and also show the series isn't afraid to make fun of itself.  One of the drivers in their relationship is the fact that Ezra is near the same age that Kanan was when the Jedi were terminated at the hands of the Emperor.  At this time, everything Kanan had known was suddenly gone and the only thing that was left was doubt and fear.  It took Kanan over a decade to come to terms with this seeing this fear in someone in a similar position has been overwhelming and often times frustrating. The roller coaster of emotion only gets worse as an intercepted transmission reveals startling information that Jedi Master Luminara was still alive, and being held in one of the Empires Strongholds.  An obviously shaken Kanan leads the gang on an immediate trip to rescue her despite the overwhelming odds. One thing that catches Ezra off-guard is Kanan mentioning the fact that if they can rescue her, she would be an ideal Master to continue his training.  

Finally arriving to the planet we get out first look at the Phantom, the mini-shuttle that is attached to Hera’s ship “The Ghost”.  (These little items really make fans excited, sorry). Once dropped on the side of the fortress the team goes to some make-shift strategies to get into the compound. We begin to see Kanan's Jedi powers used a lot on this trip making us wonder how extensive his training may have been.  He and Ezra finally find the cell the Luminara was being held only to be dumfounded with what they find (and very sad). From here the Inquisitor enters the cell with a demeanor that is as intimidating as his look. Although he is not a sith, we find him very effective with his lightsaber, so much that he makes battling Kanan look simple, and answers our questions about his training. His spinning blade steals the show and makes both Ezra and Zeb ask “Does yours do that?” Adding some perfectly timed comedy within the heat of the battle. As our heroes escape the viewers can’t help notice the amazing nostalgic visuals that the series bring. The inside of the Compound has a very strong resemblance to the Death Star and the blast doors bring back the visions of Han and Luke trying to escape.

In the end of the episode we find a quiet moment with Ezra and Kanan coming to the realization that they both have some maturing to do in their roles of apprentice and student. The bleak past they once shared is that, of the past, and they must now work together to succeed.

Overall this episode was captivating from beginning to end. The Jedi plot twist made the story especially strong and getting a first look at The Inquisitor was thrilling. I also appreciated the humorous interludes that infuse the dynamics of the characters. As they continue to build out a solid story arc I have a strong feeling we will see more past, current and future (Episode IV) characters to keep us highly entertained!! What did you think of the Episode??

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In Case You Missed It- October 25, 2014



- Avengers, Avengers, Avengers!! The Universe literally shut down as the Avengers 2 teaser trailer hit the internet. Marvel really wanted to premiere it during next weeks SHIELD episode but leakers beat them to it. In a quick move they decided to release it Monday night and completely “WOW” the masses. Be sure to check out SHIELD to see it on again in all its glory. As for the trailer itself….Amazing!! James Spaders voiceover is spectacular and the dark use of Pinocchio’s I’ve Got No Strings chills to the core. Makes you wonder what Captain America, Ironman and Thor have in store for us. 

***BREAKING NEWS*** Agents of SHIELD will be treated to an Avengers 2 clip on Tuesday night!! ABC announced on Friday that the first clip of the film will premier during the episode. Can’t wait!!

- Disney Animation Studios announces the 2016 release of Moana! This story charts the plight of a young girl from ancient Oceania in the South Pacific and a wild journey in search of a fabled island. Not much more details have been given accept she travels the seas with the Demi-god Maui. Looks like a good mix of Lilo and Stich meets Indiana Jones. Looks like the Animation studio has found its groove and Lasseter can now get back to the Good Dinosaur and Inside Out.


  • Into the Woods gets not only new stills but also a small featurette. This movie is packed will talent and could be a huge hit or a massive miss. Broadway has had issues crossing over to the big screen but hopefully Disney can score up a winner here. The original teaser trailer looked amazing but for these types of movies need continued hype. It will be interesting to see what Johnny Depp does with the Big Bad Wolf character. This along with Pirates of the Caribbean 4 will keep him busy for a while. 

- Along with the massive crowds Disneyland Resort will see this holiday season, it will also be adding some cool additions the second week of December. Thanks to our friends at, we have learned that the Hollywood Backlot at California Adventure will be turned into a Frozen, winter wonderland. This means the entire Mad Hatter area, along with Muppets Vision will be transformed into a Frozen themed area. Something else that caught out eye was also that it looks like Luigi’s Flying Tires in Cars Land will come to an end in January. Although it was a good nostalgic idea, it just didn't turn into a very popular ride. None of the building decor will be changed according to, but we will see a newly themed ride that will feature Luigi’s Fiat family using trackless technology in the same space of the current ride. Stay tuned……

-Early reviews for Big Hero 6 have been stellar. Team Lasseter has done something that we haven't seen since the late 80’s with Disney animation… consistency. If reviews are any indication of what the movie will do in theaters we may be on our way to a boys movie series that has never been seen before by Disney Animation. Name the last non-Pixar Disney movie that has had a strong boy following?? Thank you Mr. Lasseter for the passion and the care you have shown not only Disney Animation but the Disneyland Resort.

-Not much news on the Star Wars front but it looks like filming with rap in the next week or so. JJ has done quite a job to keep this one under wraps and as the rumors, leaked photos and story lines run ramped we still don’t have any solid plot details. I found it amusing that we did see some blurry photos of Stormtroopers running through some rubble this week that turned into an internet sensation! Keep it up JJ! We want to be surprised. On another note, the cast did have a big birthday celebration for the one and only Princess Lea, aka Carrie Fisher. How much fun would it have been to be at that party?? On Friday it was also announced that Greig Fraser (Snow White and the Huntsman, Foxcatcher) will be the Cinematographer for the Star Wars spin off that Gareth Edwards will be directing.  Disney again showing that it is serious with how it is handling the Lucasfilm property.


This Weeks Featured Collectible: 1955-57 Disneyland Santa Fe Railroad Complete & Unused Ticket Strip (Yellow). This 11” First Class Passage allowed guests a trip around the Magic Kingdom via the Santa Fe Railroad! Each ticket included stubs for each land, including Holidayland, Tomorrowland, Fantasyland and Adventureland. Read More>



In Case You Missed it- October 18, 2014

  • A Civil War is coming to Marvel!!! After weeks of speculation of what Robert Downey Jr.’s next Marvel move would be he has surprised us all with taking a huge roll in Captain America 3. Reports claim that fans will finally get what they are hoping for with an all out battle between super heroes who will be forced to choose sides in an old fashioned civil rights storyline. Captain America would advocate against Government tracking while Tony Stark would lead a massive initiative to register all individuals with unique powers… Choose your side!!  The most interesting part of this story is that weeks ago Spiderman rumors were swirling in regards to the web-slinger joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This would only make sense due to the fact the he was such and intreclel part of this storyline. This rumor also comes days after Marvel released a new comic book cover depicting this exact thing. If Marvel could swing Spidey (ha ha) and have a massive shake-up of characters through a devastating Cap 3 war, you never know where Avengers 3 would take us….
  • Wicket is joining Star Wars Episode 7!! Or should I say Willow, or Wald?? Anyways….Warwick Davis released a highly entertaining youtube video announcing his invitation to appear in the Star Wars movie. Now he doesn't go into any detail about the role but its great to see JJ Abrams continuing to ramp up our expectations with this incredible cast. One of the most intriguing things about the returning cast members is the excitement they have to join the project. The pride they have for this universe is special and fans are rewarded by it. Check out the video, it is hilarious.
  • Disneyland announces that it is kicking of its Christmas Holiday season November 14! Get ready for snow and hot chocolate in the Happiest Place on Earth. For us on the west coast who are begging for some cooler weather, fake snow on on Sleeping Beauty’s Castle will have to do. I keep hearing rumors we may see the star on the Matterhorn again, fingers crossed. And it looks like the the Jingle Cruise was a one and done…..
  • One of the most exciting, yet least talked about items this week, was that Javier Bardem is in negotiations to play the villain in Pirates of the Caribbean Part 5: Dead Men Tell No TalesOne of the creepiest villains of the last decade can only build on the already popular film franchise. It was also rumored that Orlando Bloom may be back…….what abut Ms. Swan?? I  just hope that they don’t feel the need to make the story so complex it looses its charm (remember 2 & 3?).
  • As a surprise to no one, especially after strong reviews, DisneyXD’s premiere episode of Star Wars Rebels had the highest rated opening in the channels history. The episode didn't disappoint and continued to show us how well this production team is put together. The amazing way they are able to balance old and new content along with making these new characters likable is remarkable. To see our review click here
  • Marvel released the first images of Michael Douglas in Ant-Man. You have to love the fact that he still looks so cool after all these years, and no, it’s not just the car. It’s also well know that the folks who attended a small session with Marvel at New York Comic Con not only received a sneak peak of The Avengers 2, but also were the first to view the Ant-Man teaser trailer!! Brief descriptions hit the web but I refused to read them… I wan to see it!!
  • The Toy Story gang is back!! Pixar just released the following commercial for Toy Story Time Forgot. This Christmas special will air on ABC December 2nd, and based on the hilarious trailer there are no shortcuts in animation, voice talent or story. I appreciate the fact they are telling these Pixar stories on multiple platforms. Similar to the Marvel and Star Wars models. 



This Weeks Featured Collectible: 1968 Walt Disney Studio Winnie the Pooh & the Blustery Day Annotated Dialogue Recording Script. This 13-page dialogue recording script was produced and used in the making of the beloved animated feature. Read More>



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