In Case You Missed it- December 6, 2014


-HAPPY BIRTHDAY WALT!! This Friday (December 9th), we celebrated Walt's 113 birthday. From all of us at MorTown Magic we want to thank him for his dream and reason the site exists today. You have brought so much joy and laughter to this world. Thank you for wishing upon that star!!

-Marvel has its Strange!! Dr. Strange has been given a face and it is that of Benedict Cumberbach. This announcement has been reported for a while now but fans can now rest with official news. After Sherlock and Khan I think he you can expect a very dynamic character that adds to the loaded Marvel Universe.

-Krysten Ritter to play Jessica Jones- The Marvel, Netflix series officially named the detective star on Friday and fans seemed very pleased. It will be interesting to how she transforms into the dynamic comic book character. I have a good feeling we will see her down the road in other marvel offerings based on her fan appeal. Based on her past work it seems like a perfect fit.

-A vision of Vision! Latino Review was able to obtain the latest Avengers:Age of Ultron poster and we have a first look at Paul Bettany as the Stark creation. Looks like they used a hybrid version of the character that will make all fans happy!

-Frozen taking over Disney California Adventure! As reported by our friends at, Disney finally announced that Hollywood land will be frozen over starting December 20th. To the delight of fans the entire area will be overlaid and include some pretty incredible offerings. Here is what the backlot will become.

  • For the First Time in Forever– A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration - Located in the Muppets theatre
  • Olaf’s Snow Fest- In the former “Who Wants To Be a Millionair” building. You can meet Olaf and play in real snow!!
  • Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post- Big Summer Blowout!! Ha ha
  • Anna and Elsa’s Royal Welcome- A chance to spend some time with the sisters
  • “Freeze the Night! A Family Dance Party- Replaces the Mad Tea Party dance party

We will see how long the freeze lasts, but based on the popularity of the movie right now it may be penciled in for a while. 

We also hear that Condor Flats will be getting a much needed make-over and that the Luigi’s Flying Tires will be going under the knife in February. Rumors are still aplenty (thanks to!!) that Toontown is still on track to become a Star Wars land. What do you think?

-Frozen Short!!! Speaking of of Olaf and the gang, it was also announced that there will be a Frozen short at the beginning of Cinderella!! Who know where they will go with it but another nugget that a Frozen 2 is in the works from Elsa herself (Adina Menzel). I would imagine with the tidal wave of popularity Disney wouldn’t, and shouldn't miss out on the opportunity.  

New Live-Action Cinderella Posters!! If you were amazed by the first offering get ready for these new releases. You thought nothing could capture the beauty of last weeks offering but they blew us away with 3 more. Check them out. Absolutely stunning.

-Did you forget Time Forgot? The Pixar geniuses gave us another classic Toy Story special in the form of Toy Story Time Forgot. Hope you didn't miss this highly entertaining Christmas feature that included all of our favorite Toy Story characters. I thought the marketing was a little off for Disney because it didn't pitch it as a Christmas special and merely as another adventure. This may have lot some of its viewers. In fact, it had nearly half the viewers of the Halloween Special Toy Story of Terror last year. Let’s hope they run it again. Watch out for the highly entertaining “Emperor Palpatine” Character that you will love to hate!! Hilarious! 

-Dividend Hikes has stockholders feeling good. It looks as though the Walt Disney Company feels pretty good about it future. Which makes us all feel good. On Wednesday announced it was raising the annual cash payment to shareholders on Jan. 2015, to $1.15 a share, up from 86 cents in 2014. That raises the dividend yield to 1.2% from 0.9%. Disney shares have climbed nearly 30% over the past year, rising more than twice as much as the Standard & Poor’s 500. This record high hike was more than double of last years increase!


Disney Archive Addition of the Week: 

1950 Original Cinderella Animation Drawing

With the live action Cinderella getting so much buzz we wanted to take you back into the MorTown archive! One of our personal favorites in the collection is this 1950 Walt Disney Studio original production animation drawing of Cinderella. This red, blue and black pencil on untrimmed animation sheet is an early rough drawing of the princess herself, Cinderella as she tirelessly scrubs the floor once again. You can almost feel the emotion as she looks up at you! The animation was created by Disney animator Eric Larson in development of a scene in the classic feature.   More>


In Case You Missed It- November 1

*Marvel-ous!! After last weeks Avengers: Age of Ultron teaser premiered, and then an extended trailer premiered on Agents of SHIELD, we thought we had reached out Marvel quota for the year.  But no, Marvel had another atomic bomb it needed to explode. A last minute Hollywood press conference posted on Facebook at the end of last week and it spread like wildfire. Hype only escalated from there. Website predictions overwhelmed us and left us fans reaching for the stars…….Well, as we found out, stars can be touched! Kevin Feige, in all his brilliance, hosted the press conference and ran with some stunning announcements. He announced titles and dates for 8 new marvel titles including Captain America 3:Civil War, Dr. Strange, Gardians of the Galaxy 2, Thor 3: Ragnarock, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, The Inhumans, Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 and Avengers, Infinity War Part 2. Now to go into any detail on any of these announcements would take hours and many websites have already discussed but particularly  exciting fans was the The Black Panther, Captain Marvel and the InHumans news. Chadwick Boseman will pay Black Panther and is reported to have signed on for 5 Marvel films starting with Cap 3!! We will also get out first female staring role with Captain Marvel based of comic Carol Danvers character. Wonder who will be cast in this role? Any Ideas? One film that we feel is being overlooked is Thor 3. With the legendary Ragnorok storyline, the possibilities of altering the Marvel world are significant. We will also see our favorite villain, Loki, back for more. We could all use a little more Hiddleston. Imagine if he gets out of this one alive to team up with some others…..just saying. One thing that I found very interesting about the Press Conference was the answer Kevin Feige gave about Spiderman joining the Marvel Movie Universe. His “I can neither confirm, nor deny” answer made it sound this may be Marvels next big announcement. His past responses have been much more affirmative when asked about this so I think we have reason to be very optimistic. 

*Agents of SHIELD I know we discussed the Avengers 2 trailer but did want to note that the Comic-Con scene that they added to the beginning was very humorous! Seeing the gang trying to pick up Thor’s Mjonir is very entertaining, especially Tony Starks line about being a “harsh but fair leader”. We also have just learned that one of the mystery figures attending the party at Starks pad (as seen in the trailer) was Claudia Kim, the yet to be named character. But, the reason I bring up SHIELD is because it has vastly improved over the last 2 episodes and relay hit it out of the park this week. I feel that this group has finally come together with some new key players to make it a can't miss. The Mockingbird character is a great compliment to May and we are finally seeing some flow. I still have a hard time dealing with Skye and really felt they should have dropped her a long time ago. Unfortunately she is has a vital plot line now so lets hope for some improvement. Maybe the others can SHIELD her performance….HAHA. How are you liking it?

*Agent Carter We also got a glimpse of the series premier of Agent Carter. The choice of expanding Hayley Atwell’s presence in the Marvel universe was a great move. It looks as though they run it almost like a mini-series and check the traction from there. I have a feeling this show will do well given the cast and the World War 2 timeframe. Let’s hope audiences connect quicker that they did with Agents of SHIELD. 

Bye Bye Halloween Tree

Bye Bye Halloween Tree

*At Disneyland, look for the Christmas holidays to replace all the Halloween goodies this week. Another huge Halloween season for the parks. Cant help but remember when this holiday was just an afterthought. They have taken the Halloween to an amazing high that really shows in the crowd numbers.

*Tokyo Disney Sea In another stunning announcement by Disney, the Oriental Land Company will be putting anther 4.6 billion dollars into both their parks for improvement. Both Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea have given Imagineers nearly no budgetary restraints and they have delivered a masterpiece. The interesting fact that Disney made such a a partnership with the Oriental Land company speaks volumes of the confidence it has in the market. Unfortunately the Disneyland Paris partnership wasn't so beneficial. We should all be excited about what the Imagineers may come up with!! The announcement mentions an expanded port region that I’m sure will be amazing. There are also rumors swirling that It’s a Small World in Tokyo Disneyland may be moved and replaced with a Frozen ride….interesting.

-Star Wars: Episode VII Trailer?? Rumors are swirling that we may get a Star Wars Trailer this year prior to Into The Woods. A source in the John Williams camp also has claimed he received the first cut of it and is currently working on the score. Very exciting time for Star Wars fans. With Star Wars Rebels’ impressive following and the high level of expertise around the various projects just sit back and relax.

Part of the MorTown Collection

Part of the MorTown Collection



Disney Archive Addition of the Week: 1959 Walt Disney Studio Maleficent Rough Animation1959 Walt Disney Studio Sleeping Beauty two (2) original production animation drawings. These two (2) matching rough animation drawings of Maleficent and her raven Diablo were created by a Disney animator in development of a scene in Walt Disney’s animated feature.