In Case You Missed It- November 8

*We have a title!!! The much anticipate Episode VII title was revealed by Lucasfilm on Thursday and fans where buzzing. The title Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be the first of three In a Galaxy Far Far Away trilogy. Much debate over the name and storyline filled the internet after it was released but only time will only tell if any of this speculation is true. Many stories claim Luke Skywalker has been in seclusion after the events of Return Of The Jedi but we are yet to get any official story details from JJ and company. We’ll see how long it takes for the Lucasfilm/Disney team to hold out. Don’t know if any of us can handle much more secrecy.

*Toy Story 4 announced!! Another stunning announcement on Thursday was courtesy of Bob Iger during the usually dull earnings call. Shortly after Disney studios turned to social media to confirm the news. The movie will be released in 2017 and be Directed by John Lasseter. His writing team consists of the best of the best that team Pixar has to offer. I think we all knew it would happen, just not this soon. But do me a huge favor with this fourth edition, please don't repeatedly rip my heart n this one!! This move really makes me wonder if Lasseter made this deal with the company to keep Cars Land out of Disney World, and solidify a more general PixarLand for the former backlot tour. 

*Big Hero 6!!! The Disney/Marvel mashup is finally here.  As noted in the past the reviews have been stellar and last I saw, it had an incredible 98% on Rotten Tomatoes which is next to impossible.  I highly recommend it for anyone; Lassetter has done a great job translating his Pixar appeal to the animation studios.  Meaning that even adults have a great time!!*


*Marvel aired a very impressive special on their Marvel: 75 years, From Pulp to Pop on ABC. The Special did a great job of focusing on the comics and the trials and tribulations of its creators. From the Marvel origins we saw an amazing mix of personality and thought that went into the evolution of our favorite characters. The mix of social issues and time relevance gave the company a unique approach to the comic world at the time. As others ignored social issues Marvel seemed to embrace them.  This is the second specials Marvel has put together and both have been exceptional.  We were even treated to an extended scene fro, Agent Carter and got to see our first clip from Ant Man!! If you have DVR’d be sure to check it out!!

*Agent Carter will premiere on January 4!! ABC is not holding back and the appeal of Hayley Atwell is hard to resist.  Previews have looked good, and as I said before,  please start off better than SHIELD

*And one final item, It looks as though Marvel is doing sone serious digging to find out who leaked the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer. They recently won a court decision for a subpoena against Google so it could determine the identity of the leaker. The IP address in question will now be turned over to Marvel in court. Interesting to see where this goes. It may make the next person think twice based on the quick court decision.



Disney Archive Addition of the Week: This 18" Jabba the Hutt latex figure was  a limited release during the 2014 Disney Star Wars Weekends. The oddity began in 2013 when an equally creepy latex Salacious Crumb quickly sold out and value escalated on the secondary market.  More>