In Case You Missed it- December 6, 2014


-HAPPY BIRTHDAY WALT!! This Friday (December 9th), we celebrated Walt's 113 birthday. From all of us at MorTown Magic we want to thank him for his dream and reason the site exists today. You have brought so much joy and laughter to this world. Thank you for wishing upon that star!!

-Marvel has its Strange!! Dr. Strange has been given a face and it is that of Benedict Cumberbach. This announcement has been reported for a while now but fans can now rest with official news. After Sherlock and Khan I think he you can expect a very dynamic character that adds to the loaded Marvel Universe.

-Krysten Ritter to play Jessica Jones- The Marvel, Netflix series officially named the detective star on Friday and fans seemed very pleased. It will be interesting to how she transforms into the dynamic comic book character. I have a good feeling we will see her down the road in other marvel offerings based on her fan appeal. Based on her past work it seems like a perfect fit.

-A vision of Vision! Latino Review was able to obtain the latest Avengers:Age of Ultron poster and we have a first look at Paul Bettany as the Stark creation. Looks like they used a hybrid version of the character that will make all fans happy!

-Frozen taking over Disney California Adventure! As reported by our friends at, Disney finally announced that Hollywood land will be frozen over starting December 20th. To the delight of fans the entire area will be overlaid and include some pretty incredible offerings. Here is what the backlot will become.

  • For the First Time in Forever– A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration - Located in the Muppets theatre
  • Olaf’s Snow Fest- In the former “Who Wants To Be a Millionair” building. You can meet Olaf and play in real snow!!
  • Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post- Big Summer Blowout!! Ha ha
  • Anna and Elsa’s Royal Welcome- A chance to spend some time with the sisters
  • “Freeze the Night! A Family Dance Party- Replaces the Mad Tea Party dance party

We will see how long the freeze lasts, but based on the popularity of the movie right now it may be penciled in for a while. 

We also hear that Condor Flats will be getting a much needed make-over and that the Luigi’s Flying Tires will be going under the knife in February. Rumors are still aplenty (thanks to!!) that Toontown is still on track to become a Star Wars land. What do you think?

-Frozen Short!!! Speaking of of Olaf and the gang, it was also announced that there will be a Frozen short at the beginning of Cinderella!! Who know where they will go with it but another nugget that a Frozen 2 is in the works from Elsa herself (Adina Menzel). I would imagine with the tidal wave of popularity Disney wouldn’t, and shouldn't miss out on the opportunity.  

New Live-Action Cinderella Posters!! If you were amazed by the first offering get ready for these new releases. You thought nothing could capture the beauty of last weeks offering but they blew us away with 3 more. Check them out. Absolutely stunning.

-Did you forget Time Forgot? The Pixar geniuses gave us another classic Toy Story special in the form of Toy Story Time Forgot. Hope you didn't miss this highly entertaining Christmas feature that included all of our favorite Toy Story characters. I thought the marketing was a little off for Disney because it didn't pitch it as a Christmas special and merely as another adventure. This may have lot some of its viewers. In fact, it had nearly half the viewers of the Halloween Special Toy Story of Terror last year. Let’s hope they run it again. Watch out for the highly entertaining “Emperor Palpatine” Character that you will love to hate!! Hilarious! 

-Dividend Hikes has stockholders feeling good. It looks as though the Walt Disney Company feels pretty good about it future. Which makes us all feel good. On Wednesday announced it was raising the annual cash payment to shareholders on Jan. 2015, to $1.15 a share, up from 86 cents in 2014. That raises the dividend yield to 1.2% from 0.9%. Disney shares have climbed nearly 30% over the past year, rising more than twice as much as the Standard & Poor’s 500. This record high hike was more than double of last years increase!


Disney Archive Addition of the Week: 

1950 Original Cinderella Animation Drawing

With the live action Cinderella getting so much buzz we wanted to take you back into the MorTown archive! One of our personal favorites in the collection is this 1950 Walt Disney Studio original production animation drawing of Cinderella. This red, blue and black pencil on untrimmed animation sheet is an early rough drawing of the princess herself, Cinderella as she tirelessly scrubs the floor once again. You can almost feel the emotion as she looks up at you! The animation was created by Disney animator Eric Larson in development of a scene in the classic feature.   More>


In Case You Missed It- November 21, 2014


Cinderella trailer debuts!! Walt Disney Studios released its first trailer for the live action Cinderella and it left most of us speechless. This Kenneth Branagh (Thor, Jack Ryan) film looks as though it will rival Maleficent in style and scenery. The fact that Kate Blanchett is playing the Evil Stepmother brings us a dynamic villain and based on her past work with transforming herself into memorable characters it should be a superb choice . And speaking of transformation, Helen Bonham Carter looks absolutely hilarious as the Fairy God Mother. Looks like she has traded her enlarged head for a wand.  And then there’s Lily James as Cinderella…….WOW. No need to say more. The one interesting item I got from public response was the fact no one knew about this movie. This trailer should wake them up. Reports claim the story will stay on point with the original but time will tell. We can be assured a great interpretation with classically trained Branagh at the helm. Was the trailer what you expected??  Also note that Annie Leibovitz photographed the official poster.

Disneyland in full Christmas décor- The end of last week launched the official Christmas season for the Disneyland resort. This not only included both parks but also Downtown Disney. Olaf greeted guests at the second annual “Olaf’s Ice skating Rink” opened to a huge crowd. The Frozen soundtrack can be heard billowing throughout the area and the hot chocolate is flowing. In Disneyland, all the attractions have dressed in their holiday attire. The Jingle Cruise also expanded its offering with a dramatic increase of holiday joy! Fruit Cakes was the theme of the year and we hope it brings you joy.  Mr. Mortown was fortunate enough to spend the majority of the last week in the park and has posted a number of pictures below. Enjoy.

Kree and Carter. As the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D continues to entertain we received some confirmation we’ve been expecting for some while now. The Blue alien we met at the end of Season 1 was indeed a Kree as confirmed by a SHIELD Producer. This along with the floating city that Culson is searching for connects a number story lines and may lead us directly to The Inhumans story arc. If Marvel is planning the series similar to the rest of its universe you can bet that this has all been planned out to a tee. They also let us see Agent Carter again tightening her role within the Marvel story line. I really enjoy were this series is going and its showing us its legs by tying so many Marvel story lines together. Have you started watching yet?? If not, I recommend to do so.

Pixar back and swinging!! After taking a back seat for the last year to other Disney projects the mindtrust at Pixar has us looking in their direction again. After an incredible teaser trailer for Inside Out we now get know our characters even better with this short character clip. Amy Poehler has brought her unique humor to the big screen and will compliment the Pixar library very well.  This Pixar original has all the promise to be completely surprising with the story and direction (Monsters Inc. and Wall-E).  We also received some new details on The Good Dinasour from the LA Times on its new direction and flow. The premise is great:” What if the commit never hit the earth?’ Well, I guess they are going to tell us.

Star Wars Teaser Trailer?? Internet rumors ran wild this week not only on when it may be shown (Prior to Lord of the Rings 3) but a frame by frame description.  Well, the first rumor was deemed wrong as a spokesperson shot it down pretty emphatically. So that is that, and as far as the trailer itself, like Public Enemy says…..Don’t Believe the Hype”.

Peets Dragon finding its leading lady? Looks as though Bryce Dallas Howard is in negotiation for the Peets Dragon reboot. Filming will start in New Zealand next year. Don’t know how I feel about this because the Original was never a big Disney hit. I think the biggest play it received was in the Disneyland Electrical Parade!!

Crossbones suits up for Cap 3!! We had a brief chance to meet Frank Grillo as Brock Rumlow in Cap 2 and if you recall he exited in a charred fashion. The Marvel comic books had Rumlow eventually helm the Crossbones attire and reports are confirming this will be the case for Captain America 3. Wonder how he will play into the Civil War and what side he takes….or will he battle both?

Strange Magic. Lucasfilm has released its first trailer for the non-Star Wars related animated feature Strange Magic. The visuals look stunning but we didn’t get much in terms of story. It looks like a cross between Labrynth and one of the Tinkerbell movies. Let’s see if the studio can be successful in its first animated outing. What do you think about the trailer?  


Disney Archive Addition of the Week: This is an unopened set of ten (10) hand-painted PVC play figures of characters from The Jungle Book, which was produced for promotional purposes only and not available for public sale. Packaging bears the copyright: "©MCMLXVI Walt Disney Productions." Included are Mowgli, Baloo, Col. Hathi, Shere Khan, Baby Elephant, King Louie, Bagheera and three monkeys. On the back is a synopsis of the movie story.   More>





In Case You Missed It- November 8

*We have a title!!! The much anticipate Episode VII title was revealed by Lucasfilm on Thursday and fans where buzzing. The title Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be the first of three In a Galaxy Far Far Away trilogy. Much debate over the name and storyline filled the internet after it was released but only time will only tell if any of this speculation is true. Many stories claim Luke Skywalker has been in seclusion after the events of Return Of The Jedi but we are yet to get any official story details from JJ and company. We’ll see how long it takes for the Lucasfilm/Disney team to hold out. Don’t know if any of us can handle much more secrecy.

*Toy Story 4 announced!! Another stunning announcement on Thursday was courtesy of Bob Iger during the usually dull earnings call. Shortly after Disney studios turned to social media to confirm the news. The movie will be released in 2017 and be Directed by John Lasseter. His writing team consists of the best of the best that team Pixar has to offer. I think we all knew it would happen, just not this soon. But do me a huge favor with this fourth edition, please don't repeatedly rip my heart n this one!! This move really makes me wonder if Lasseter made this deal with the company to keep Cars Land out of Disney World, and solidify a more general PixarLand for the former backlot tour. 

*Big Hero 6!!! The Disney/Marvel mashup is finally here.  As noted in the past the reviews have been stellar and last I saw, it had an incredible 98% on Rotten Tomatoes which is next to impossible.  I highly recommend it for anyone; Lassetter has done a great job translating his Pixar appeal to the animation studios.  Meaning that even adults have a great time!!*


*Marvel aired a very impressive special on their Marvel: 75 years, From Pulp to Pop on ABC. The Special did a great job of focusing on the comics and the trials and tribulations of its creators. From the Marvel origins we saw an amazing mix of personality and thought that went into the evolution of our favorite characters. The mix of social issues and time relevance gave the company a unique approach to the comic world at the time. As others ignored social issues Marvel seemed to embrace them.  This is the second specials Marvel has put together and both have been exceptional.  We were even treated to an extended scene fro, Agent Carter and got to see our first clip from Ant Man!! If you have DVR’d be sure to check it out!!

*Agent Carter will premiere on January 4!! ABC is not holding back and the appeal of Hayley Atwell is hard to resist.  Previews have looked good, and as I said before,  please start off better than SHIELD

*And one final item, It looks as though Marvel is doing sone serious digging to find out who leaked the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer. They recently won a court decision for a subpoena against Google so it could determine the identity of the leaker. The IP address in question will now be turned over to Marvel in court. Interesting to see where this goes. It may make the next person think twice based on the quick court decision.



Disney Archive Addition of the Week: This 18" Jabba the Hutt latex figure was  a limited release during the 2014 Disney Star Wars Weekends. The oddity began in 2013 when an equally creepy latex Salacious Crumb quickly sold out and value escalated on the secondary market.  More>





In Case You Missed It- November 1

*Marvel-ous!! After last weeks Avengers: Age of Ultron teaser premiered, and then an extended trailer premiered on Agents of SHIELD, we thought we had reached out Marvel quota for the year.  But no, Marvel had another atomic bomb it needed to explode. A last minute Hollywood press conference posted on Facebook at the end of last week and it spread like wildfire. Hype only escalated from there. Website predictions overwhelmed us and left us fans reaching for the stars…….Well, as we found out, stars can be touched! Kevin Feige, in all his brilliance, hosted the press conference and ran with some stunning announcements. He announced titles and dates for 8 new marvel titles including Captain America 3:Civil War, Dr. Strange, Gardians of the Galaxy 2, Thor 3: Ragnarock, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, The Inhumans, Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 and Avengers, Infinity War Part 2. Now to go into any detail on any of these announcements would take hours and many websites have already discussed but particularly  exciting fans was the The Black Panther, Captain Marvel and the InHumans news. Chadwick Boseman will pay Black Panther and is reported to have signed on for 5 Marvel films starting with Cap 3!! We will also get out first female staring role with Captain Marvel based of comic Carol Danvers character. Wonder who will be cast in this role? Any Ideas? One film that we feel is being overlooked is Thor 3. With the legendary Ragnorok storyline, the possibilities of altering the Marvel world are significant. We will also see our favorite villain, Loki, back for more. We could all use a little more Hiddleston. Imagine if he gets out of this one alive to team up with some others…..just saying. One thing that I found very interesting about the Press Conference was the answer Kevin Feige gave about Spiderman joining the Marvel Movie Universe. His “I can neither confirm, nor deny” answer made it sound this may be Marvels next big announcement. His past responses have been much more affirmative when asked about this so I think we have reason to be very optimistic. 

*Agents of SHIELD I know we discussed the Avengers 2 trailer but did want to note that the Comic-Con scene that they added to the beginning was very humorous! Seeing the gang trying to pick up Thor’s Mjonir is very entertaining, especially Tony Starks line about being a “harsh but fair leader”. We also have just learned that one of the mystery figures attending the party at Starks pad (as seen in the trailer) was Claudia Kim, the yet to be named character. But, the reason I bring up SHIELD is because it has vastly improved over the last 2 episodes and relay hit it out of the park this week. I feel that this group has finally come together with some new key players to make it a can't miss. The Mockingbird character is a great compliment to May and we are finally seeing some flow. I still have a hard time dealing with Skye and really felt they should have dropped her a long time ago. Unfortunately she is has a vital plot line now so lets hope for some improvement. Maybe the others can SHIELD her performance….HAHA. How are you liking it?

*Agent Carter We also got a glimpse of the series premier of Agent Carter. The choice of expanding Hayley Atwell’s presence in the Marvel universe was a great move. It looks as though they run it almost like a mini-series and check the traction from there. I have a feeling this show will do well given the cast and the World War 2 timeframe. Let’s hope audiences connect quicker that they did with Agents of SHIELD. 

Bye Bye Halloween Tree

Bye Bye Halloween Tree

*At Disneyland, look for the Christmas holidays to replace all the Halloween goodies this week. Another huge Halloween season for the parks. Cant help but remember when this holiday was just an afterthought. They have taken the Halloween to an amazing high that really shows in the crowd numbers.

*Tokyo Disney Sea In another stunning announcement by Disney, the Oriental Land Company will be putting anther 4.6 billion dollars into both their parks for improvement. Both Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea have given Imagineers nearly no budgetary restraints and they have delivered a masterpiece. The interesting fact that Disney made such a a partnership with the Oriental Land company speaks volumes of the confidence it has in the market. Unfortunately the Disneyland Paris partnership wasn't so beneficial. We should all be excited about what the Imagineers may come up with!! The announcement mentions an expanded port region that I’m sure will be amazing. There are also rumors swirling that It’s a Small World in Tokyo Disneyland may be moved and replaced with a Frozen ride….interesting.

-Star Wars: Episode VII Trailer?? Rumors are swirling that we may get a Star Wars Trailer this year prior to Into The Woods. A source in the John Williams camp also has claimed he received the first cut of it and is currently working on the score. Very exciting time for Star Wars fans. With Star Wars Rebels’ impressive following and the high level of expertise around the various projects just sit back and relax.

Part of the MorTown Collection

Part of the MorTown Collection



Disney Archive Addition of the Week: 1959 Walt Disney Studio Maleficent Rough Animation1959 Walt Disney Studio Sleeping Beauty two (2) original production animation drawings. These two (2) matching rough animation drawings of Maleficent and her raven Diablo were created by a Disney animator in development of a scene in Walt Disney’s animated feature. 




Star Wars Rebels- Mind Games

Surprising Revelation Leads to Confrontation


If you were looking for an episode that rivaled some of the Clone Wars best episodes I think you found it tonights with Rise of the Old Masters. The remarkable thing is that it took the Clone Wars a couple of years to produces something like this while Rebels has done it in no less than three episodes. But before we jump straight into the fray with the episode I want to discuss a very exciting addition to the Spark of the Rebellion episode that aired on Sunday night on ABC. For those of you that missed it, audiences were treated to an expanded opening scene that featured Darth Vader himself, in fine form.  This nugget of a scene was voiced by original Darth Vader James Earl Jones and we saw the same life-choking ambition that we grew so fond of in A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. He was powerful, short and distinct, and all he wanted to do was end our heroes. Wonderful!!

Turning our attention back to the episode we find Ezra and Kanan embarking on some early Jedi training that is not going well. The dynamic of teacher and master is slowly being explored and both are struggling with their new found roles.  The bantering between the two highlights this struggle but also illustrates the relationships evolution. Questioning Yoda’s “Do, or do not. There is no try” teachings brings a highpoint to this discussion and also show the series isn't afraid to make fun of itself.  One of the drivers in their relationship is the fact that Ezra is near the same age that Kanan was when the Jedi were terminated at the hands of the Emperor.  At this time, everything Kanan had known was suddenly gone and the only thing that was left was doubt and fear.  It took Kanan over a decade to come to terms with this seeing this fear in someone in a similar position has been overwhelming and often times frustrating. The roller coaster of emotion only gets worse as an intercepted transmission reveals startling information that Jedi Master Luminara was still alive, and being held in one of the Empires Strongholds.  An obviously shaken Kanan leads the gang on an immediate trip to rescue her despite the overwhelming odds. One thing that catches Ezra off-guard is Kanan mentioning the fact that if they can rescue her, she would be an ideal Master to continue his training.  

Finally arriving to the planet we get out first look at the Phantom, the mini-shuttle that is attached to Hera’s ship “The Ghost”.  (These little items really make fans excited, sorry). Once dropped on the side of the fortress the team goes to some make-shift strategies to get into the compound. We begin to see Kanan's Jedi powers used a lot on this trip making us wonder how extensive his training may have been.  He and Ezra finally find the cell the Luminara was being held only to be dumfounded with what they find (and very sad). From here the Inquisitor enters the cell with a demeanor that is as intimidating as his look. Although he is not a sith, we find him very effective with his lightsaber, so much that he makes battling Kanan look simple, and answers our questions about his training. His spinning blade steals the show and makes both Ezra and Zeb ask “Does yours do that?” Adding some perfectly timed comedy within the heat of the battle. As our heroes escape the viewers can’t help notice the amazing nostalgic visuals that the series bring. The inside of the Compound has a very strong resemblance to the Death Star and the blast doors bring back the visions of Han and Luke trying to escape.

In the end of the episode we find a quiet moment with Ezra and Kanan coming to the realization that they both have some maturing to do in their roles of apprentice and student. The bleak past they once shared is that, of the past, and they must now work together to succeed.

Overall this episode was captivating from beginning to end. The Jedi plot twist made the story especially strong and getting a first look at The Inquisitor was thrilling. I also appreciated the humorous interludes that infuse the dynamics of the characters. As they continue to build out a solid story arc I have a strong feeling we will see more past, current and future (Episode IV) characters to keep us highly entertained!! What did you think of the Episode??

Previous Review- Star Wars Rebels: The Lighter Side

In Case You Missed It- October 25, 2014



- Avengers, Avengers, Avengers!! The Universe literally shut down as the Avengers 2 teaser trailer hit the internet. Marvel really wanted to premiere it during next weeks SHIELD episode but leakers beat them to it. In a quick move they decided to release it Monday night and completely “WOW” the masses. Be sure to check out SHIELD to see it on again in all its glory. As for the trailer itself….Amazing!! James Spaders voiceover is spectacular and the dark use of Pinocchio’s I’ve Got No Strings chills to the core. Makes you wonder what Captain America, Ironman and Thor have in store for us. 

***BREAKING NEWS*** Agents of SHIELD will be treated to an Avengers 2 clip on Tuesday night!! ABC announced on Friday that the first clip of the film will premier during the episode. Can’t wait!!

- Disney Animation Studios announces the 2016 release of Moana! This story charts the plight of a young girl from ancient Oceania in the South Pacific and a wild journey in search of a fabled island. Not much more details have been given accept she travels the seas with the Demi-god Maui. Looks like a good mix of Lilo and Stich meets Indiana Jones. Looks like the Animation studio has found its groove and Lasseter can now get back to the Good Dinosaur and Inside Out.


  • Into the Woods gets not only new stills but also a small featurette. This movie is packed will talent and could be a huge hit or a massive miss. Broadway has had issues crossing over to the big screen but hopefully Disney can score up a winner here. The original teaser trailer looked amazing but for these types of movies need continued hype. It will be interesting to see what Johnny Depp does with the Big Bad Wolf character. This along with Pirates of the Caribbean 4 will keep him busy for a while. 

- Along with the massive crowds Disneyland Resort will see this holiday season, it will also be adding some cool additions the second week of December. Thanks to our friends at, we have learned that the Hollywood Backlot at California Adventure will be turned into a Frozen, winter wonderland. This means the entire Mad Hatter area, along with Muppets Vision will be transformed into a Frozen themed area. Something else that caught out eye was also that it looks like Luigi’s Flying Tires in Cars Land will come to an end in January. Although it was a good nostalgic idea, it just didn't turn into a very popular ride. None of the building decor will be changed according to, but we will see a newly themed ride that will feature Luigi’s Fiat family using trackless technology in the same space of the current ride. Stay tuned……

-Early reviews for Big Hero 6 have been stellar. Team Lasseter has done something that we haven't seen since the late 80’s with Disney animation… consistency. If reviews are any indication of what the movie will do in theaters we may be on our way to a boys movie series that has never been seen before by Disney Animation. Name the last non-Pixar Disney movie that has had a strong boy following?? Thank you Mr. Lasseter for the passion and the care you have shown not only Disney Animation but the Disneyland Resort.

-Not much news on the Star Wars front but it looks like filming with rap in the next week or so. JJ has done quite a job to keep this one under wraps and as the rumors, leaked photos and story lines run ramped we still don’t have any solid plot details. I found it amusing that we did see some blurry photos of Stormtroopers running through some rubble this week that turned into an internet sensation! Keep it up JJ! We want to be surprised. On another note, the cast did have a big birthday celebration for the one and only Princess Lea, aka Carrie Fisher. How much fun would it have been to be at that party?? On Friday it was also announced that Greig Fraser (Snow White and the Huntsman, Foxcatcher) will be the Cinematographer for the Star Wars spin off that Gareth Edwards will be directing.  Disney again showing that it is serious with how it is handling the Lucasfilm property.


This Weeks Featured Collectible: 1955-57 Disneyland Santa Fe Railroad Complete & Unused Ticket Strip (Yellow). This 11” First Class Passage allowed guests a trip around the Magic Kingdom via the Santa Fe Railroad! Each ticket included stubs for each land, including Holidayland, Tomorrowland, Fantasyland and Adventureland. Read More>



Star Wars Rebels: The Lighter Side

Team-Building has Its Challenges

In a galaxy far far away sometimes we need to stop for some simple supplies and see where it takes us!! Tonight our budding heroes did just that. Not to say it wasn't without drama but ultimately the episode brought us funny moments and a few important nuggets. The tone was a bit lighter but that didn't stop us from enjoying some links to the past and getting some personality depth with our characters. 

To begin,  we have our two roomies, Zeb and Ezra, bickering about an issue that Chopper helped create. This argument eventually led to Hera sending them out on a supply mission to a Lothal market. One thing we have learned is that Zeb seems to be eternally conflicted with his past and he finds a new family within this crew. The connection is obvious and the show does a great job in portraying this. 

Now we know that their trip couldn't go without a hitch and Ezra stumbling upon an old friend is the beginning of his and Zeb’s fun.  As you can imagine things go from bad to worse and Zeb somehow turns up piloting a Tie Fighter and Ezra is pummeling Stormtroopers with fruit. This all occurs while Hera and Kanan are back at the Ghost playing Holochess (Awesome!). During the chase Ezra frees his friends who we later find out to be an acquaintance of his parents! A stunning revaluation based on the fact we thought he was a long-time orphan. This nugget could be a very interesting plot point in the future and makes us wondering who his parents may be. A Jedi during the Clone Wars? Or did the Empire take them away? Time will tell…. But the line of the night cam from Zeb as he flew the tie fighter and was asked over the com-link if that was the stolen Tie. Zeb simply replies “This is not the Tie your looking for”. Obviously an ode to A New Hope.

I will say that this episode had a great humor to it and continues to show the depth of our characters. Zeb and Ezra work very well together and are creating a bond that is very entertaining. Although the tone of the episode lighter it was still very effective.

What did you think if the episode?? Did you like the tone? What about the story.

In Case You Missed it- October 18, 2014

  • A Civil War is coming to Marvel!!! After weeks of speculation of what Robert Downey Jr.’s next Marvel move would be he has surprised us all with taking a huge roll in Captain America 3. Reports claim that fans will finally get what they are hoping for with an all out battle between super heroes who will be forced to choose sides in an old fashioned civil rights storyline. Captain America would advocate against Government tracking while Tony Stark would lead a massive initiative to register all individuals with unique powers… Choose your side!!  The most interesting part of this story is that weeks ago Spiderman rumors were swirling in regards to the web-slinger joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This would only make sense due to the fact the he was such and intreclel part of this storyline. This rumor also comes days after Marvel released a new comic book cover depicting this exact thing. If Marvel could swing Spidey (ha ha) and have a massive shake-up of characters through a devastating Cap 3 war, you never know where Avengers 3 would take us….
  • Wicket is joining Star Wars Episode 7!! Or should I say Willow, or Wald?? Anyways….Warwick Davis released a highly entertaining youtube video announcing his invitation to appear in the Star Wars movie. Now he doesn't go into any detail about the role but its great to see JJ Abrams continuing to ramp up our expectations with this incredible cast. One of the most intriguing things about the returning cast members is the excitement they have to join the project. The pride they have for this universe is special and fans are rewarded by it. Check out the video, it is hilarious.
  • Disneyland announces that it is kicking of its Christmas Holiday season November 14! Get ready for snow and hot chocolate in the Happiest Place on Earth. For us on the west coast who are begging for some cooler weather, fake snow on on Sleeping Beauty’s Castle will have to do. I keep hearing rumors we may see the star on the Matterhorn again, fingers crossed. And it looks like the the Jingle Cruise was a one and done…..
  • One of the most exciting, yet least talked about items this week, was that Javier Bardem is in negotiations to play the villain in Pirates of the Caribbean Part 5: Dead Men Tell No TalesOne of the creepiest villains of the last decade can only build on the already popular film franchise. It was also rumored that Orlando Bloom may be back…….what abut Ms. Swan?? I  just hope that they don’t feel the need to make the story so complex it looses its charm (remember 2 & 3?).
  • As a surprise to no one, especially after strong reviews, DisneyXD’s premiere episode of Star Wars Rebels had the highest rated opening in the channels history. The episode didn't disappoint and continued to show us how well this production team is put together. The amazing way they are able to balance old and new content along with making these new characters likable is remarkable. To see our review click here
  • Marvel released the first images of Michael Douglas in Ant-Man. You have to love the fact that he still looks so cool after all these years, and no, it’s not just the car. It’s also well know that the folks who attended a small session with Marvel at New York Comic Con not only received a sneak peak of The Avengers 2, but also were the first to view the Ant-Man teaser trailer!! Brief descriptions hit the web but I refused to read them… I wan to see it!!
  • The Toy Story gang is back!! Pixar just released the following commercial for Toy Story Time Forgot. This Christmas special will air on ABC December 2nd, and based on the hilarious trailer there are no shortcuts in animation, voice talent or story. I appreciate the fact they are telling these Pixar stories on multiple platforms. Similar to the Marvel and Star Wars models. 



This Weeks Featured Collectible: 1968 Walt Disney Studio Winnie the Pooh & the Blustery Day Annotated Dialogue Recording Script. This 13-page dialogue recording script was produced and used in the making of the beloved animated feature. Read More>



In Case You Missed It- October 11, 2014


Star Wars Rebels: Two for Two

Nostalgic Tone Makes Fledgling Series Shine

DisneyXD premiered its first regular episode of Star Wars Rebels tonight and it took us on a journey that was filled with past references that would make any Star Wars fan excited. We have long come to appreciate the way Dave Filoni's and team have interwoven story lines but tonight gave us a glimpse of the depth these stories will go. I for one was the kid in 1990 visiting Disneyland who rode Star Tours 32 times in a row and had my trusted video camera taping every second of it. So when the Rebels gang begins their mission on a StarSpeeder piloted by a Captain Rex (or a similar model) nostalgia set in. I never thought I’d see my childhood buddy again (accept of corse for in the packaged box in the queue of Star Tours). With this incredible addition, the audience was immediately connected to the episode. On top of this, we are reunited with out favorite two droids R2-D2 and C-3PO. In this world they didn't skip a beat,  the 2 droids, as usual, are a part of an undercover mission that Threepio hasn't a clue and fight every step of the way. This leads to an exciting ploy by the team to steal weapons from an Imperial Commander that hits a few bumps on the way.  When all is about to go horribly wrong Ezra taps into an unknown resource and saves the day. 

This episode, like the Spark of the Rebellion movie, has a basic premise but it is filled with nuggets of important information about the characters and story. We get an opportunity to dig deep into Zebs past and learn about his species downfall at the hands of the Empire. His history alone links his alliance with the Rebel cause. The core of this emotion nearly gets him killed at the hands of Agent Kallus who shows his superior fighting skills and reason for being so feared. He will be a handful for the Rebels as they spread the spark throughout the galaxy. But alas, in another stellar ending, we see a familiar face, along with one of our favorite vessels get their first air time. Senator Organa makes his debut and steals the show with a few pivotal revelations. If you haven't seen it you really need to. Where the story goes from here is anyones guess but the links to the original trilogy are strong and gives me reason to pull out those old VHS tapes again and go with Rex on his first flight again, and again, and again.

What did you think? Was this ending as good as the Spark of the Rebellion ending? Let us know.

In Case You Missed It- October 11, 2014



  • Walt Disney Studios premiers the teaser trailer for Tomorrowland. Brad Bird’s (The Incredibles) adventure into the great unknown starring George Clooney, Britt Robertson and Hugh Laurie. Entertainment Weekly also releases the first images and story details giving fans fragments of what the feel and look of the story may be. Disney diehards interest in this movie are high due to the fact Walt Disney, and his ideas and vision, are an integral part of the story. George Clooney also made a surprise appearance at NYCC Tomorrowland panel this week and wowed the crowd. Begs the question that if the movie gets some legs if it may be a blueprint to Disneyland’s own Tomorrowland and it’s much needed makeover.

  • Disneyland Paris get a significant 1.3 billion dollar bailout from the Walt Disney Co. making them the much needed majority shareholder. This news brings a smile to many who have suffered through the parks questionable upkeep. Disney can now move forward to getting this park into the condition it deserves. It also has analyst smiling because with the Euro being so week, an economic uptick could mean a significant win for Disney.
  • Darth Vader is back!!! Lucasfilm announces the airing of the Star Wars Rebels movie; Spark of the Rebellion airing on ABC. But…a special scene will be inserted giving us a glimpse of the legendary villain himself. If that wasn't news enough to bring a grown man to his knees, the scene is being voiced by Vader original James Earl Jones. If anyone questioned Disney’s ability to handle the Star Wars universe, they are showing they know how….by letting Lucasfilm do what they are good at!


  • Spider-Man joining the Avengers?? This is the latest Sony rumor that hit the net hard this week. We all know Spidey has had his own fun with the gang in the comic books but it looks like there are indications he may do so in the cinematic universe as well. We can all hope that Sony and Disney come up with some kind of deal to make this happen. This could be another feather in the cap of Bob Iger if he can pull this one out of his hat.  
  • Big Hero 6 releases another full trailer and it looks like Disney has done it again. The trailer shows the same emotion that has drawn us in with their last few animated features (Frozen, Tangled, Reck it Ralph) and is transfused to an eclectic group that centers around a puffy robot named Bay Max. The mystery of the storyline still remains but it should be a fun ride.

  • Disneyland Park finishes some upgrades to the iconic Sleeping Beaty Castle. These upgrades include new railing along the drawbridge walkway and a much needed upgrade to the fence that had parents sprinting as children approached the wide open gap. All it takes is one fall folks….

    Honorable Mention: Disney Studios released Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day this week and it turns out to be a good movie for all ages. Steve Carrell and Jennifer Garner keep the adults entertained with a story that hits close to home, while kids will find one of the characters to relate to. I recommend it for a lazy weekend flick.

Did we miss anything? Let us know.

Tomorrowland Teaser

Brad Bird's Brave New World Ready for Primetime

Disney studios is an exciting place to be and it reached a fever pitch today a New York Comic Con with the debut of the teaser trailer of the highly anticipated Tomorrowland. Brad Bird’s (The Incredibles) adventure into the great unknown starring George Clooney, Britt Robertson and Hugh Laurie. Yesterday, Entertainment Weekly released the first images and story details giving fans fragments of what the feel and look of the story may be. Before this we really didn't have anything besides some pictures of a suitcase, and again, this same suitcase appearing at D23 with a highly entertaining Brad Bird doing his best to give the broadest hints imaginable. 

This film has largely flown under the radar with the major 2015 blockbusters lined up for Disney but its safe to say that hardcore Disney fans are eagerly anticipating this one as much, if not more, than the Marvel and Lucasfilm offerings. It also perks Disney diehards interest because Walt himself, and is ideas are an integral part of the story. We know filming occurred earlier this year at Disneyland Park where the 1960’s where replicated on the It’s a Small World attraction. What this means to the story I have no idea but I broadly speculate it could be a flashback of George Clooney’s character as a child. This also being said, I have a strong feeling that if it does well at the box office Disneyland may have it’s blueprints for the much needed Tomorrowland makeover. Look at the similarities to past Tomorrowland models and some of these images….very interesting. Could you imagine a D23 announcement about this?? Just saying… Tell us your thoughts on the trailer and if you would like to see a Tomorrowland in Disneyland like the one depicted here. 

In Case You Missed It- October 4, 2014

In Case You Missed It is a weekly recap of the top 3 news items determined by MorTown Magic. Let us know if we got it right Disney fans!

October 4, 2014

  1. Disney premiers Star Wars Rebels and it is an immediate hit. Kudos to Disney for bringing Dave Filoni back after his success of Clone Wars. This is a must watch for any Star Wars fan. By the way, it has already been renewed for season 2.
  2. The first teaser trailer for Pixars Inside Out is released. The studio is at it again with trailers that can make a grown man cry. And with the usual mystery storyline we have no idea what to expect, just the way they like it.
  3. The Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage reopens at Disneyland. After a slew of rumors and public outcry begging for it to stay it returned in glorious form. Would have been shocked based on the fact Finding Dory (Or Finding Nemo 2) has yet to be released.

***Honorable Mention: Indiana Jones 5 rumors hit the internet pretty hard this week because of an interview with Janusz Kaminski. Lets hope the swinging monkeys stay at home for this round.

In Case You Missed It- September 27

Rebels Off and Running- Episode 1

Animated Star Wars Linch-Pin Fails to Disappoint

Breath your sigh of relief Star Wars fans, the formula from Clone Wars is still intact. Take some time to salute Pixar and Marvel for paving such lucrative paths for Disney to trust in this first Star Wars installment. The freedom Lucasfilm had to utilize Dave Filoni and bring-in Simon Kinberg to maintain the beloved trend Clone Wars started seemed to have far. The result has brought us an exciting kick-off to the season premier of Star Wars Rebels, and with that, comes new stories and characters that will attempt to mesh within the Star Wars universe. 

I find it interesting, and encouraging, that not too much was crammed into this first episode. The mere fact that a simple search and rescue mission wove so well into the overall story is a good sign of things to come. In doing this, the audience could get to know the characters, and tag along with no serious obligation. Much like we did when Luke gazed into the dual suns of Tatooine, we were living within the episode. And despite the enormity of this particular mission, no one acknowledged what may be in store until two of our hero’s, Kanan and Hera, stumbled upon something special in the young Ezra.

The Galactic Navy also had a strong showing. The complete dominance of the galaxy is in full bloom and you have to appreciate how the Empire goes about its business. Seeing Star Destroyers and Tie Fighters within the atmosphere of a planet is quite exhilarating and something we have never seen before. Throw in the callous, Agent Callus, and we see what we have to look forward to. His battle helmet alone creates a must-have for Halloween. 

But it’s the final 2 minutes of the episode completely captivates the audience. We witness the never before seen transmission sent out at the end of Episode III by Obi-Wan Kenobi that brings the episode to a stirring conclusion. His message not only puts a cap on the episode but ultimately connects the entire Star Wars universe. His words are poignant, strong and defiant and can only be described as moving. But before we could get too nostalgic, we are sent back to the Star Destroyer to catch a glimpse of our new villain who may eventually end the run of our new heroes…..

Now don't get me wrong, there is a long way to go and there is a lot to prove until fans will be fully vested. But for now, let the doubt escape your mind and enjoy the ride. 

Let me know what you thought of the first episode. Was it what you expected?

Rare: PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN Disneyland Attraction 94-Piece Coin Prop Lot

Prop from the above pile of treasure

Prop from the above pile of treasure

Mortown Magic is proud to currently offer on Ebay a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a real Pirate’s treasure! Up for auction through Sunday, October 5, is an extremely rare 94-piece lot of authentic jewels, coins and beads from Disneyland’s Pirate of the Caribbean attraction. This uniquely large prop lot had been part of the Treasure Room scene in Disney’s New Orleans Square classic prior to its renovation some years back.

Typically, only single coins or jewel props are offered for sale at a time. This opportunity own a true pile of treasure from the last attraction Walt himself supervised development and construction for, is a true rare occasion.

Several pieces still have glue residue and others are still glued together. Coins and jewels are made of plastic, as are the beads.

Bid with confidence, as this items includes a letter of authenticity from Theme Park Connection, the nation’s largest seller of Disney props.

…and remember, dead men tell no tales.

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In Case You Missed It- September 27, 2014

In Case You Missed It is a weekly recap of the top 3 news items determined by MorTown Magic. Let us know if we got it right Disney fans!

September 27, 2014

  1. Danny Elfman reads The Nightmare Before Christmas in front of Disneylands The Haunted Mansion. What could be more awesome than this?? 
  2. Star Wars Episode VII Crome Trooper leaks continue to hit the internet. Is this a reality, or another one of JJ's ruses? UPDATED With Second Image! INDIE REVOLVER EXCLUSIVE: First Look at Star Wars: Episode VII’s Chrome Trooper
  3. The Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D premier on Monday. The gang got off to a good start to season 2. Hopefully the story continues to build and characters keep developing as we weave our way through the Marvel Universe.

Honorable Mention: Star Wars Rebels premieres on the DisneyXD app. Can’t say much until our official review but I will leave you with two words: Dave Filoni

Honorable Mention 2: Big Hero 6 released its second full trailer. The concept of this movie could make for a very interesting story. Looking how Disney recovers from the Frozen whirlwind.

Clone Wars: Essential

Animated Series a Must Watch as Universe Expands

For those of you who missed the Clone Wars animated series I have some advice….Watch it now!! And for those that have, let’s talk! Now I know that many of you probably had the same reaction I did when Lucasfilm announced an animated “Clone Wars” cartoon. But I promise you won’t be disappointed by this installment in the Star Wars franchise. It will restore your faith in a galaxy far far away and make you giddy for the next animated chapter. 

It took me three years to get over the scars left by the Episodes I through III, and a giant leap of faith to be willing to partake in this cartoon world. My Clone Wars indoctrination came in middle of season 3 - Yoda was leading a clone command unit into Toydaria, hoping to win the support of the king. Despite my obvious confusion about a mid-season storyline, I was impressed with the well developed plot, story, and emotion. The characters and story were given tremendous freedom. I quickly decided to wait until the series concluded to watch it all, starting at the beginning. When I finally caught up to season 3 I was well immersed in this refreshing world that had sparked my love for Star Wars.  The characters and themes I had always hoped to explore were there for me to enjoy. And now, finally, with season 6 officially under my belt, I have a one word review…..Incredible!

Now before I go any further I do want to note that yes, some of the episodes are campy and kid oriented. That’s totally fine by me.  C3PO and R2-D2’s adventures are welcome distractions to some of the harsher actions going on in the universe. And delving into Anakin’s experience during the turbulence of the clone wars -- watching his developing relationship with his own padawan Ashoka, seeing him identify with her doubts and insecurities . . . it almost helps me understand how that skilled podracer became the most heinous villain of all time. 


What I did come to understand after watching the Clone Wars, is that it is the erosion of faith in the Jedi Council had everything to do in Anakin’s conversion to the Dark Side. And what caused this erosion you ask? A perfect synchrony of the Dark Side and the missteps of the Jedi council itself. Pieced together so brilliantly throughout the series. This was most apparent in way the Council handles his padawan, Ashoka Tano accusation of being a traitor.  Although the Jedi Council eventually comes around, Ashoka’s fate rattles Anakin to the core. It’s a heartbreaking moment for the future Darth Vader - he loses his student, his friend, and a relationship with the only person that understands him. This relationship ultimately serves as a linch-pin in a story, and the emotion, that the prequels seemed to miss.

Star Wars fans will love the in-depth look Clone Wars gives not only into Anakin’s journey, but from other stories including the mystery surrounding Darth Maul and the Death Watch resurrection, Asajj Ventress, to the cover-ups of the Jedi order.  The series lets us dive deep into multiple storylines that can exclude the main characters and give us perspective on a lesser known hero or villain. Each season bests the last and intertwines us into a spectacular season finally. We hope you’ll share your thoughts with us, and we hope you’ll join us in a few weeks as we undertake an episode by episode discussion of Lucasfilm’s latest offering, “Rebels.” With Clone Wars guru Dave Fittolli back in the driver’s seat, and with the Star Wars universe expanding, we’re thinking this new installment will be outstanding. And if you haven’t seen it……SEE IT NOW!!!!

Now tell me, what is your favorite season, and in that, what is the best season finale? I have my thoughts....

Marc Davis Tribute

Walt Disney Family Museum Honors the "Renaissance Man"

From the MorTown Magic Archive

From the MorTown Magic Archive

Today, the Walt Disney Family Museum presented to a sold out “Marc Davis: Walt’s Renaissance Man” – a talk with master animators Andreas Deja and Bob Kurtz. This unique opportunity to explore and appreciate Davis’ pioneering animation techniques, particularly for Disney’s main female villains and characters, coincides with “Leading Ladies and Femmes Fatales: The Art of Marc Davis” – an exhibition of his work found at the Family Museum. For those who have not yet attended the DFM (first, shame on you), it’s a must-see while in the San Francisco Bay Area. The history, relics, stories and rich presentations are exquisitely captured for both children and adults. This weekend’s exhibition showcases Marc Davis and his contributions and creations.

One of Walt Disney’s Nine Old Men, Davis was truly a creative genius and one of the most influential animators and Imagineers – leaving an indelible mark on Disney history both in theaters and on attractions. His most notable work included his work on Bambi, Song of the South, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Tinker Bell. During the development of Disneyland itself and later attractions, Davis’ fingerprints can be seen to this day on the most popular sites in the park, including the Jungle Cruise, Haunted Mansion, the Enchanted Tiki Room and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Whether a hardcore Disney fanatic or someone with only a passing interest, it’s nearly impossible not to recognize Davis’ self-taught ability to infuse humor, humanity and pure evil into characters, be it Maleficent, Cruella de Ville or audio-animatronic pirates.

In 1989, he was named a Disney Legend. He was also the recipient of the much coveted “Mousecar.” Davis passed away in January 2000, the same month that the Marc Fraser Davis Scholarship Fund formally was established at the California Institute of the Arts.

Disneyland “Juju” Adventure Gets Rave Reviews

So who was lucky enough to partake in the adventure within Adventureland?

Official Juju 

Official Juju 

The limited-time experience which has already come and gone – ending over the Labor Day weekend – was rich in creativity, collectability and outright fun. It also infused a new energy in Adventureland, an area of the park where many of us had thought we already knew every square inch. How’d it work?

First, a definition is in order: Juju's are small, hand-carved artifacts that reflect the ancient traditions and importance of storytelling in Adventureland. Every Juju has a story attached to it, often the story of how it was created. There are check-in points with Cast Members along your adventure to either help you along or to continue to tell a piece of the story for your particular Juju.

At the Indiana Jones Outpost in Adventureland, guests could select a variety of quests to purchase with the promise of a collectible reward in the end. Six of the Juju hunts could be had via a $5.00 ante. There are also three other special Juju's that require you to purchase food items. The Pineapple Juju can be obtained by purchasing the Pineapple Parfait for $7.95 at the Adventureland Fruit Cart, Snake Juju by purchasing Venomade at Bengle BBQ for $7.50, and Tiki Mask Juju by following the Telegram to Trader Sams for the Juju Juice for $7.50.

As only Disney can, adventures begin with immerse passports, newspapers, sealed envelopes, handbooks, etc. – collectibles unto themselves. These informative pieces set guests upon their unique adventure. Succeed and be rewarded with a collectible Juju to commemorate the hunt.

Adventures ranged from simple (5 minutes), to rather complex, requiring trekking beyond the park, taking far longer. Quests led guests to the Enchanted Tiki Room, Jungle Cruise, Indiana Jones Adventure, and even Trader Sam’s at Disneyland Hotel.

On Labor Day weekend, lucky Juju hunters could buy a story packet at the Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost, write their best Juju story on their story tag, and then share the story in a group or in front of everybody at Aladdin’s Oasis and receive a special skull Juju in return. This skull Juju mirrored that given away at last year’s D23 Expo.

The popularity of the Juju charms have exploded on the secondary market, and guests who didn’t partake in the adventures are surely kicking themselves. Those charms which required more extensive and elaborate hunting have become much more scarce and commonly exceed $50 (Eye of Mara) as do those which could be purchased for a heightened “investment” into food or drink (Tiki Mask). The entire set of 10 is difficult to track down, as it would have required all nine hunts, in addition to being in the park on Labor Day weekend for the opportunity to earn the lucrative skull Juju.

Undoubtedly, the success and popularity of the Juju adventures will lead to subsequent pay-to-play hunts within the park. More to come – hopefully sooner, rather than later.


Ready or Not, Here Comes 2.0!

The next wave of Disney Infinity is about to hit the market

Here we go! With just over a year under its belt, Disney Infinity and its entourage of Marvel characters is about to jump to hyper-drive with its 2.0 hitting the market on September 23. While Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America, Thor, Hulk and others within the universe took center stage as the initial marketing focus of the next generation, Disney Interactive leadership took note to early criticism and integrated Disney classics – Donald, Maleficent, Merida, Tinker Bell and Stitch of note. It was clear, Infinity 2.0 is taking Skylanders head-on this holiday season as THE “cool factor” for the 12-and-under boy demographic.

Infinity 2.0 has several gameplay upgrades, including introduce skill trees and attributes, which will allow players to customize their characters further as they gain experience. A nice update is also how unique each 2.0 character is. Groot looks and plays completely different from Drax, another heavy character. Every toy is completely unique, both in design and gameplay -- a nice difference from Disney Infinity 1.0. For the younger crowd, the Toy Box has some major changes to take advantage, such as the option to auto-generate environments via special pieces. Those with small children remember hours of road and building construction – block, by block, by block, only to then climb up and down the same structure with no purpose nor destination.

And just when I thought no Power Disc could be cooler than the Disneyland Parking Lot Tram, Infinity 2.0 is set to include the Pigs In Space Ship. A total of 80 discs were announced divided between 40 with Marvel and 40 Disney Classic themes. Both will be made available in different blind packs as to avoid mixed appearances. (And sorry, 2.0 rare discs will no longer be lenticular and easily found by picking through retail racks…) The Marvel array includes the white-hot popular Guardians of the Galaxy (with a Yondu team-up rare disc) and those for the Marvel comic fans, such as Black Panther and Ghost Rider’s chain. The Disney Classics set includes an unexpected yet welcomed vast array of past and present favorites, from Darkwing Duck to Bed Knobs & Broomsticks, Rescuers to Lion King.

What does that mean for first generation figures and power discs? First and foremost, all of the previous figures and discs will move forward and work with the 2.0 game system. However, from the looks of the shelves at Toys R US, Target, etc., Disney’s plans for the original Infinity products will be extinction. With Marvel in the mix, the ridiculous character, vehicle and environment combinations will certainly provide comic relief (ie, Hulk, Elsa riding about in Disneyland’s Dumbo attraction…). Undoubtedly, the collectability for early releases will steadily climb. It’s not too long ago when the first generation of Vinylmation blanketed Disney Parks and online markets, until series 2, 3, 4, and on were released. We know what happened to the value of Park #1 Vinylmation…

Pre-orders for Infinity 2.0 began last week, with the Marvel figures and playset premiering on September 23 and the Disney classics releasing later on November 4. The Disney Store also are selling the remaining inventory of first generation figures. There are a few noticeable absences, which is consistent with secondary sales and scarcity at retailers – Randy and Syndrome are far and away more difficult to locate, and have dried up – likely for good. Series #2 and #3 rare orange Power Discs (Condorman, Muppets Electric Mayhem Bus, Wall-E’s Fire Extinguisher) are also good bets to disappear soon.

Also, don’t expect to see as many variants or chase figures this time around. Infinity announced there are no plans to create Toys R Us exclusive “Crystal” characters again. Instead, a universe of companion – or team-up – characters will be available (ie., Winter Soldier) and additional variations of in-game characters to changes costumes (Iron Man, Gamora).

And as if incorporating Marvel, Disney Classics and Pixar into one game system wasn’t enough, yes Disney Interactive executive John Vignocchi made a not-so-veiled tease last week to Star Wars and Princess Leia joining the Infinity universe in 2015. So long, Skylanders…

Disney Infinity Hot list:

1) Syndrome Figure

2) Randy Figure

3) Villains Figure Set (Barbosa, Randy & Syndrome)

3) Toys R Us Crystal Figure Exclusives

4) Series #2 and #3 Rare Orange Power Discs

What do you think? Are you a collector or player?

9/5/14- The Vault #1

1937 Walt Disney Studio Original Grumpy Animation Drawing

1937 Walt Disney Studio animation drawing from Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs. This red, blue and black pencil on animation sheet is a final animation drawing of Grumpy. Animated as always, this particular piece is from a scene in the Dwarf’s bedroom supervised by Freddie Moore.

Voiced by Pinto Colvig in the original 1937 classic, initially disapproves of Snow White's presence in the dwarfs' home, yet – in the end - ultimately warns her of the threat posed by the Queen and leads the charge to save her himself.

Grumpy is arguably the strongest personality, and the most popular to this day. Some of Walt’s earliest notes during character development outlined him as a “grouch” and a “hold out.” There even seems to be a reference to Grumpy – or an early rendition of the character – in the 1932 Silly Symphony “Santa’s Workshop” short. One of Santa’s gnomes objects to a boy’s holiday wishes as Santa checks the good list. “But Billy Brown, for seven years, hasn’t washed behind his ears!” Ironically, the Pinto Colvig also voiced the gnome character.

hat are your thoughts?