1923- On October 16, Walt and Roy Disney signed a contract to produce a series of "Alice Comedies." This date is recognized as the start of the Walt Disney Company.

1924- First Alice Comedy released, entitled "Alice's Day At Sea"

Part of the MorTown Magic Collection

Part of the MorTown Magic Collection


1926- Walt and Roy Disney move to new location: 2719 Hyperion Avenue, Los Angeles, CA

1927- First "Oswald the Lucky Rabbit" cartoon released

1928- On November 18, "Steamboat Willie" - the first fully synchronized sound cartoon and the first Mickey Mouse cartoon, was released. This was also the first appearance of Minnie Mouse.


1929- Walt Disney releases "Silly Symphonies." A total of 75 Symphonies were produced over a decade. "The Skeleton Dance" was the first Symphony released.


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